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    Service Hotline


    About Yin Feng

    Tianjin Yinfneg Machinery Co.,Ltd is the leader of construction machine industry in China, the best competitive and influence provides opportunities for us to be the industry standard maker and designer. Moreover, we have complete parts processing system for several series and diversified products, effective management and recourse integration, using the products and marketing advantages, set innovation as basement to build an industry brand.

    Contact Us

    Tianjin City Yinfeng Machinery System Engineering Co. Ltd.


    •  Address: Northern Region of Jinghai Development Zone, Tianjin City, China
    •  PC: 301600
    •  Web: www.eurasiabbs.com



    Telephone: +86-22-59581298;     59581258

    Fax: +86-22-59581228

    Phone:  Hanna   +86-13602191016

    Whatsapp: +86-18622574831

    Skype: hongge0808

    Wechat: 545539840

     Email:  tyfmachinery@126.com



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